Lazy Saturday

I’m listening to Miles Davis, the Henry is playing with Hot Wheels, the James is constructing some kind of Lego dungeon, the Emma is at dance with the Daddy, and I’m STILL in my bathrobe and jammies, musing on whether or not I really need a shower because that would entail, you know, work.

Regarding the wanker post from yesterday. The contractor is still a wanker, but now we’re taking the wanker’s ass to court, and hopefully he will be banned from ever doing this kind of shoddy work ever again. Plus, I’m really trying hard to restrain myself from prank-calling him and calling him a wanker and (so far) I’ve succeeded admirably. So far.

Today’s activities include showering (maybe), getting the dog’s nails clipped (I can’t do it, it grosses me out), and perhaps taking a nap. I’ll also be watching some sort of old movie, taking the dog for a walk, and staring at my cat. Good times!


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