School Shopping Is Fun (Really)

Okay! I’m one of those weird moms who actually likes to go school shopping. I enjoy the whole process – the sniffing of the pencils, the selecting of the perfect crayons and peachies, the school clothes, the backpacks.

I’m wondering though why every store in the world feels the need to market I’m A Little Slut clothes for girls ages 4-6. Shopping for my daughter lately feels like a trip to Frederick’s of Hollywood, except with more pink.

Anywho, so we got the older two taken care of, but the dd is going to take some creative shopping. I’m thinking eBay? That’s what I did last year.

Wow, this post is getting boring…how can I spice it up. Oh! We saw some old friends today whilst shopping and it was AWESOME. Makes me wonder why we’re staying down here where we’re at, where we have no family and no old friends…lots of new friends, though.

Still boring. Let’s see….

I plan on doing cross-stitch tonight and lighting my new pumpkin spice candle. How’s that?


I like my yard.


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