Luke, I am your father…you little snotnose

As it’s summer in the Northwest, we vary wildly between semi-chilly summer days and freakishly hot days. Like today. So we’ve got all the fans on and the crazy husband keeps going behind them saying in his best James Earl Jones voice:

Luke…..I am your father….come to the dark side….

What if Luke had actually just given it a bit of thought? Here’s how I think the conversation might’ve gone:

Darth: Luke, I am your father.
Luke: No way.
Darth: Seriously. I really am.
Luke: Where’ve you been, dude?
Darth: Well, you know how it is….the old lady threw me out and then-
Luke: Dad. Please. Mom did NOT throw you out.
Darth: I don’t need to explain myself to you.
Luke: Well, I think I deserve SOME kind of explanation after all this time.
Darth: (sigh) Can we just move on?
Luke: Yeah. Sure. Whatever.
Darth:’re a Jedi now? Kinda?
Luke: Oh, you noticed? Yeah, I’ve been practicing. Doing…you know, stuff.
Darth: You wanna meet the Emperor? He’s a nice guy. Good boss. I’ve been happy.
Luke. Sure. (pause) Thanks, Dad.
Darth: No problem, son.

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