My Google Calendar Wish List

I love Google Calendar, the kind of love that you give to a favorite pet that demands all your attention when they’re around, and is kind of annoying, but then again he does deliver the furry love. Which, after reading that, makes absolutely no sense at all but give me a break, they can’t all be home runs.

ANYway, here’s my Google Calendar wish list:

  • Why is it such a pain in the butt to create events via the Google Desktop Sidebar? Why can’t I create events WITHIN the Sidebar, rather than opening up a whole new tab in Firefox and completely sllooowwwing down my browser to a snail’s pace?
  • The other day I tried to create an event that was just for one day. Five frustrated minutes later, I gave up and wrote it down on a Target receipt. That’s not proper GTD technique, y’all. And as a productivity evangelist I’m not supposed to do that kind of crap….I mean, if my co-editors saw that kind of stuff they would be SHOCKED and AWED. But I have a system of Target receipts! I really do! It’s called “stuffed in the purse side pocket for easy retrieval.”
  • Completely asinine, but I want some right-click functionality. I’m a right-click kind of girl. Don’t know why, but it just makes me feel extra smart to do right-click stuff. And now I must realize that I’m writing in full-on Dork mode.
  • I think it would be cool to have a Goals calendar right alongside my regular boring stuff to do calendar. There’s probably a way to do this but I’m too lazy right now to figure it out.

I suppose, if I really put my Huge Brain to it, I could probably come up with more ways to improve Google Calendar, but there’s a few reasons why I won’t right now, and they pretty much all add up to “don’t wanna.”
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2 Responses to “My Google Calendar Wish List”

  1. Carl S Says:

    Thanks for the kind words and feedback —
    * The new version of the desktop plugin (you’ll have to redownload it) makes it a lot easier to create events directly from the sidebar

    * You can create a new calendar (click on the + next to my calendars) to track your goals — they’ll show up in a different color.

    * What exactly is going on when you try to create an event for just one day? If you click in the top section of day/week view or on the day in month view, you can just type in the information about your event.

  2. momspeaks Says:

    Thanks Carl!

    I think that my problem with creating an event for one day is that I can’t figure out how to do it by half-hour. There’s probably a very simple fix for this, I’m sure.

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