Lots of doin’s in the blogosphere

Sooo…what’s going on in the b-sphere today?

– Jason Calacanis has fled the sinking ship of AOL and will inevitably emerge somewhere else with his own unique brand of irritating success. Actually, I have a lot of respect for the guy, other than his nagging inability to never quit taunting Nick Denton. Ever. EVER.
– Duncan Riley has been fired from b5 media. Or not. Who knows? Nobody except the remaining trifecta of b5. Jeremy W. states in various comments that he can’t say anything, which is a first for him since he tends to say a LOT all the time, most of it completely made-up. That is, if it’s about b5. Everything else I can’t vouch for.
– Anything else? Can’t think of anything at the moment. Just a lot of hoo-ha about some white guys that 99% of the world has never heard of. Tra la!


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