My thoughts on the A-list.

Everyone in the world who has a life? You can stop reading this right now. This doesn’t affect you.

Everyone else? Okay.

The A-list, according to the commonly tossed definition, is where the bloggers at the high echelons of Technorati rankings live, in some kind of rarefied, navel-gazing delirium.

Or so most people who give a flying rat’s ass would have you think.

In actuality, the folks that are lumped into the A-list got there by sheer persistence and tenacity. They’ve just been around longer, and as we all know, age comes before PageRank.

I grow weary of the interminable whiny discussions carried on by various wannabe’s around the blogosphere: “I hate the A-list!” or “They’re just a bunch of posers!” or “I’m so jealous of the A-list that I would eat the corn out of Scoble’s poo poo in order to get there.”

(that last one was made up, but you get the picture)

ANYWAY, the A-list is made up of people who are just doing what they’re doing, carrying on, and they did it for a long enough time that the Gods of the Blogosphere took notice and deigned to give them their favor. For a few minutes, anyway.

I’ve been called “A-list”, and I was honestly extremely perturbed that someone would classify me that way. Why? Because I don’t want anyone to think that I’m better than they are. (except all the goobers I went to high school with – I will always want them to think I am better than they are. ALWAYS.)

Classifying someone as “A-list” puts up boundaries between that blogger and the rest of his or her potential audience. Not traffic boundaries, per se, but mental barriers. Because frankly, what people like Xiu Xiu and Kottke and Scoble (there he is again – do you think if I say his name three times he’ll pop out of a bottle like a genie? That would be fun. Maybe we could vlog it?) write about isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but when you assign that cliquey label of “A-list” to it, well, it can get an exaggerated idea of its own importance.

Not that I, uh, would EVER get an exaggerated idea of MY own importance. I’m humble, I tell you! HUMBLE!

Anyway, back to the A-list…what was my point?

Oh, yeah! Basically, it’s a clique, everyone wants to get into it, not many can, blah blah blah who cares. I’m bored of this discussion and shall go back to listening to Johnny Mathis now.


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