One of those days when I can't get anything done.


I’ve spent like the last four hours doing….I don’t even know what.

I think at least two hours of that time reading my Bloglines (update! UPDATE, DAMN YOU!), listening to Pandora and playing with Pandora and generally loving my Pandora, staring out the window until jolted back to reality via an Outlook ping, and generally just diddling around.

Very un-GTD of me.

But, as Whitney would say, it’s not allright, but it’s okay. Sometimes I need a little break from the uber-productivity and oh, bollocks. Who am I kidding. I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world! I am Queen of the Procrastinators!! I could seriously spend a surreptitious hour playing Pinball and call it good because then that means I only have 45 minutes to write a 3 page article on whosits and what’s his name! I WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE! I DO!

Let’s see if Valleywag’s got anything new….


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