Why I hate buzzwords.

Buzzwords are an easy way for ignorant folks to get themselves noticed in a conversation.

Buzzwords are formerly useful words reduced down to inpractical soundbytes.

Buzzwords may seem like an instant access backstage pass, but if you don’t use them right, they’ll make you look like a giant horse’s ass.

Certain buzzwords, like “transparency”, set my teeth on edge and make me want to pull my fingernails out slowly, one by one, and then make the buzzword-sayer eat them. With relish.

Note: in a recent PR release that I read (masked as a blog post), the word transparency was used 14 times in the space of three paragraphs.

14 times.

That’s a lot of fingernails.


One Response to “Why I hate buzzwords.”

  1. Sean Behan Says:

    Thank You, I HATE Buzzwords

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