I got a new hairdo today

For many years, I’ve had extremely long hair that is also extremely thick. Sounds good, huh? Well, actually, it SUCKS, mostly because my hair has this uncanny ability to go straight into my mouth. At all times. Or, the best thing: if you’re rolling up your window, the hair will get stuck in the window, creating a kind of comical effect until you realize that your hair is STUCK IN THE WINDOW OF A MOVING CAR.

So, today, I got my hair cut, radically. Well, for me, anyway. I have a lot of natural curl, and my friend just ripped that hiding little bastid right out of his hole. Honestly – I haven’t felt this good about myself in years! I look awesome!

Now to lose 50 pounds by March for SXSW. Good mood…slipping away…


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