It's possible that there is now some kind of alien inhabiting my body.

I’ve progressed in my Cold From Hell from rivers of snot exiting every orifice north of the equator to a head that feels like a giant lead balloon, coughing up a lung, and a continual non-sense of smell.

Boy, I tell you – do I know how to have a cold or WHAT. You should see my desk right now:

Big toilet paper roll with about 32 wads of used paper stuffed in the middle.

Cereal bowl with leftover Trix that will probably be the last thing I eat today. I can’t taste anything anyway, so what’s the point?

Large bag of Halls Throat Soothers. Watermelon flavor. They’re actually quite tasty.

Gigantic flashlight and a large bottle of carpet cleaner..that’s because my dumbass cat George keeps peeing on the carpet down here. I think I’ve put the fear of God into him though. Hopefully.

So, yeah – good times, good times. My big plan for today is to drink even more nasty Airborne, blow my nose x amount of times, and try to get some work done for LH since I’ll be gone all weekend.


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