The trip to Disneyland was incredible.

I’ve got so many memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Oy! What a Hallmarky thing to say, eh?

  • Henry going on Splash Mountain – and me terrified that he would try to get out before the really scary drop. We got pics – he was scared out of his gourd, but still had fun.
  • Meeting Mickey and Minnie. Best place to find LOTS of characters, with no lines? Disneyland California, in the big theater. They all converge there during the day.
  • Parade. Love it. “….Christmas fantasy….”
  • Fireworks!!
  • Food was way expensive, and we had to eat out every meal. Yikes. Avoid restaurants in Tomorrowland; horrible food there.
  • Emma fighting Darth Vader in the Jedi Academy.
  • James going on the California Screamin’ nine times.

Overall, it was the best trip ever. Pics coming to my Flickr account very soon.


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