I lurve me some Comcast. Sometimes.

I’m so sick and tired of Comcast!

About once a week, I have interruption of service. Usually, I can fiddle around with various modems and wires and switches and get it going again. Today, however, I’ve had three things happen:

No service whatsoever.
Service as slow as dialup.
Normal service that slows down within oh, about five minutes.

So obviously I’m in on the normal level right now, who knows when I’ll get to the other sucky levels. A Comcast “technician” should be on his or her way to my house any minute; the Husband is frantic that they do NOT touch his customized setups, just fix their frigging lines.

ETA: Well, I didn’t just get ONE techie, I got three. Apparently, my little squirrel friends have been eating the cable lines and they all had to be replaced. Funny story – a couple months ago we were all idly watching a squirrel clamber up there, and after he licked the big power node thingy, he, uh…..well, I think he died. But then! After about five minutes, he miraculously came back to life. It was a frigging miracle!

Of course, I kind of wish he would have stayed dead instead of coming back for more cable munchies. But I have T-1 power now!! I AM THE QUEEN OF HIGHSPEED INTERNET!!!


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