What will be the next Google killer?

Robert Scoble writes up a post on the perceived “arrogance” of Google:

Whether it’s arrogant or not, Google is the company to watch right now. It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft can take some of that swagger away.

I don’t think Microsoft is even in the running to compete with Google; I mean, come ON – Windows Live Search? Or whatever they’re calling it right now? Live Search, Windows Live, the Gatester…I’m just tired trying to figure it all out.

Anyway, personally (putting on my smart hat here – hopefully it’s on right), I think that the next real challenge to Google is one of two things:

  • Social sites. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, you get lots and lots of lovely backlinks, and you are on the inside track; i.e., you are now part of the Cool Kids Club.
  • Itself. There’s such a thing as too many irons in the fire. There really, really is a tipping point. And if Google keeps going the way it has it either will A)do a lot of good stuff but all kinda halfass B)become the next Yahoo, with Tons Of Stuff Nobody Uses.

Google’s not going away, no matter how much it screws up. So they can afford to be a weensy bit arrogant….but not enough for the horribly Hallmarky Christmas logos from this year. Now, come on – weren’t those kangaroos just a wee bit too precious? I had to check my insulin levels after seeing THAT particular bit of schlock.


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