Let’s compare Supermans!

Yes, I’m slipping full-on into dork mode here, but what the hey.

So! This Christmas, I bought the husband the Christopher Reeve super edition Superman DVD set. As in, all the movies with extra fun stuff. We started watching it last night and I CAN’T BELIEVE I EVER THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD MOVIE. The cheese factor is over the top!

Oh, man – I remember seeing this in the theater and thinking to myself that it was the most utterly romantic thing I’d ever seen, and I wanted to be just like Margot Kidder. Wow.

And then we’ve got the totally mis-casted Brandon Routh:

I’m sorry, but just because you kinda LOOK like Christopher Reeve, it doesn’t make you a superhero. Kevin Spacey kicked all kinds of ass, though, didn’t he?

No, no, no – in my opinion, the absolute best Superman of all time is Tom Welling of Smallville. He’s easy on the eyes, but more than that, he’s a phenomenal actor. The casting on that whole show actually is wonderful – my favorite is probably Lex Luther, then Chloe, then the Kents, then Lois. I wish that they had looked seriously at Tom as Superman in the movie version; I think he would’ve done a MUCH better job.


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