I’ve just been quoted in WebProNews for the “next Google killer”

Well, kind of – at least they linked to me and quoted me:

Anyway, personally (putting on my smart hat here – hopefully it’s on right), I think that the next real challenge to Google is one of two things:

• Social sites. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, you get lots and lots of lovely backlinks, and you are on the inside track; i.e., you are now part of the Cool Kids Club.
• Itself. There’s such a thing as too many irons in the fire. There really, really is a tipping point. And if Google keeps going the way it has it either will A)do a lot of good stuff but all kinda halfass B)become the next Yahoo, with Tons Of Stuff Nobody Uses.

Awesome. I’m feeling quite popular today, all together.


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