And the blog fight of the year award goes to…

Sigh. There’s a good Wired article on the various catfights and kerfuffles that happened in 2006. Among the ones that, you know, I actually PAID ATTENTION to were:

  • Calacanis vs. Rose:

    Should social news sites pay the users who find and post the hottest links? Kevin Rose, co-founder of Digg and the current king of social news, thinks it’s a bad idea. Jason Calacanis, Weblogs, Inc. co-founder and blogging kingpin, liked the idea so much, he put it into practice at, which he re-fashioned as a social news site (and Digg clone). The philosophical debate remained mostly friendly until cash-for-post and gaming scandals tarnished Digg’s credibility. Calacanis, jumping at the chance to salt Digg’s wounds, put up a $100 reward for anyone who could unmask crooked Digg users. In the end, Calacanis quit AOL, Rose was humbled, and social news remains young and messy — just the way we like it.

    Wired declared Kevin Rose the winner, which I strongly disagree with. Digg hasn’t made any significant improvements (oh, yes – Digg Swarm! And so many people use that!) and while I still lurve me some Digg, could we please, for the Love of Google, get rid of the spammy submissions.

  • Mike Arrington vs. pretty much everyone: Oy, vey. Even when he was on vacation he managed to pick a fight – I enjoy a good scuffle as much as the next girl but Michael Arrington takes it to a whole new level.

    2006 started out pretty good for Michael Arrington, King of Web 2.0 Geeks. His blog, TechCrunch, was a bona fide runaway success, and it quickly became the go-to site for Silicon Valley startup news, industry gossip and insider information. But while every entrepreneur in the Valley was scrambling to touch the hem of his garment, Arrington came under attack. His editorial integrity was half-heartedly questioned by Jason Calacanis on an episode of “The Gillmor Gang” (fast forward to 21:30), but Arrington took the slight seriously. Then, Gawker’s Valleywag accused Arrington of giving good reviews to companies he’s invested in while ignoring their competitors. Arrington’s vocal attacks against mainstream news outlets didn’t win him much love, either. In the end, Arringtennui set in — and Arrington entertained thoughts of ditching his kingdom and escaping to the hills. “I can’t believe blogging hasn’t driven me to drink yet,” he wrote on his personal blog in December, in a post which has since been deleted. “The days of just meeting entrepreneurs and writing about their companies seem to be long gone, and politics has taken over nearly every aspect of what we do.”

    Let me give you a quick piece of advice that my Mom always told me, Mike: you’ve made your bed, you’ve laid down and wallowed in it, now you NEED TO GET UP AND GET GOING. I think you’ve lost your way a bit this past year, but it’s a new year now, new start. Don’t let 2007 be a repeat of the mistakes and enemies that you made in 2006.


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