So I think we might've found a house!

We’ve been looking for something closer to our family, who all live up in the Seattle area, but we don’t want to live in the city, per se. We were looking for something with some acreage, and BIG, because we want more kids.

Thankfully, the in-laws are not reading that last sentence, since they would collectively have a cow. However, I am definitely hearing the baby call! We’re looking into our own and adoption; after Emma, I’m not sure I want to go through that again.

Anyway, the house is in Mossyrock, it’s about an hour away from everyone (as opposed to over three hours now), it’s almost 4000 square feet (can you imagine?), and is on four forested acres. Best of all, the price is ridiculously low; apparently the owner got a job transfer and needs to make this all happen ASAP.

So we’re going to hopefully contact the listing agent today, see what’s up, and maybe even go see it tomorrow. It’s got a beautiful view of the Cascades, which endeared it to me immediately. And the kids would all have their own rooms…they could play in the woods….it just looks about perfect. We’ll see.


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