Writing a book kind of sucks, sometimes.

I’ve got three chapters due tomorrow, and while they are 89% done, there’s that nagging 11% that’s not that is killing me.

Plus, I’m listening to some classical music station on iTunes and for some reason it keeps cutting out every 20 seconds or so, no matter which station I turn it to. So it’s work…..what’s going on with the music oh, ok, work…..what the HELL is going on with the music oh ok it’s back….work…let’s check Bloglines.

See? Not good.

However, I am kicking all sorts of bookery ass right now, although it’s difficult, to say the least, to smoosh all of the Google stuff into one measly chapter. I mean, COME ON. That chapter was a bit David Copperfield.

Hmmm..what else can I write about to distract me from the 11% that needs to be done?

Oh! Husband stayed home from work today and took me out to lunch, very nice. Only about 60 more days (crossing fingers and toes here) until he’s home, working from home, with me. All day! We’re one of those weird married couples that actually enjoy being around each other, so I can’t wait.

All right. Enough procrastinating…back to work.


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