I vote for a mandatory blogosphere naptime

You know, getting mad at people for perceived insults is really easy. Not to mention gratifying! I mean, how AWESOME is it to get upset about something and blow off some steam? Feels good!

However, then there’s the backlash. People’s feelings get hurt. You feel kinda stupid (I know, because I’ve done this). And you would do anything to have thought about it just a leeetle bit more before you did the Grand Rant.

I think one thing I’ve learned throughout my blogging career (such as it is) is that you’ve got to really think how your words will affect other people before you say them. Because as fast as the Web is, it’s still not as fast as face to face communication. If I offend my husband, I can ask his forgiveness within seconds (well, let’s get real. He needs to EARN that forgiveness, baby!). However, once you write something out there, you can’t really get it back, and it comes back to haunt you again and again. Oh, and once more. Again.

I love that we can communicate with each other on the Web; it’s a wonderful medium for ideas, content, and accessibility. But sometimes, we get so obssesed with maxing all of those things out that we forget the primary factor in this equation: people. It’s not just data and page views and “transparency” and gadgets that makes the world go ’round, after all.


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