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What is the big deal?

February 4, 2007

I don’t get it when people get upset about other people getting paid to do something. Like, uh, right here. I mean, people DO have to pay their bills, somehow. Most of us can’t get along on rainbows, puppy dogs, and lollipops, dammit. (I’m sure going to test this out, though.)

The Pay Per Post controversy has always seemed to me completely and utterly inane. It’s like “we’re just too utterly PRECIOUS to ask for MONEY for our WORK! We must be FREE from the MAN! DOWN with CAPITALISM!” I mean, give me a break – it’s not like we’re witnessing the freaking end of the world if some goober accepts $10 to write up a quick blurb about something. Geez, I remember when people went all apeshit on Jason Kottke when he took the donation jar off of his blog and went purely ad-supported; folks were all like “you’ve submitted to the capitalistic money making machine”. Dur – yeah, I guess I have, if it means I CAN PAY MY BILLS, DUMBASS. Same with Dooce – oh, the kerfuffle when she actually put more ads on her blog so she could, you know, put some food on the table. God forbid.

I don’t do Pay Per Post because I don’t have time to write up something for such little money in return. I guess that’s my official disclosure – the stuff that I work on pays me better. If it didn’t, I’d probably check it out. But for now, I think it’s pretty kickass that people can find something to help pay for their rent, or their kid’s diapers, or maybe a nice latte. We’re not all blessed with venture capitol or trust funds, after all.