Thanksgiving is over

So I was pretty good, diet-wise, this week. I didn’t overeat (much) and I went on massively long walks. Overall, I posted a -2 loss this week – w00t for me!

We had to stay with the MIL and OH MY GOD. She gets on my nerves within about five minutes. I love her, but CRIPES. For example: we were trying to pack up Saturday morning and every five minutes she’s pulling DH to do something: “would you change this lightbulb?” “would you fix my computer?” etc. You get the picture. She also loves to sit there in the living room with us while we’re perched on the hideabed, ready to go to sleep, and talk to us for three hours until we finally just turn over and start snoring. Argh. I love her, but I’m glad I don’t live right next door.

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas season is upon us again. The husband is a wee bit fanatical about decorating the house; in fact, this year, he’s going for the big prize of Best Dressed House in our town. We’ve got more lights, inflatables, and various fun stuff to put out there on the yard then anyone I know. I’ll post a picture when we’re all done, it’s sure to be awesome.


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