It’s the leprechaun’s fault

By me.

He awakes
Mood! Bad! Watch! Out!
Stomps to table. No waffles? No pancakes? OATMEAL.
Holds head, screams, they are muffled. Then not so much.
Cat, he hides. Dog, he hides too. Animals know these things.

Morning, Part Two.
By moi.

Something Smells!
Smells Like Burning!
Smoke Alarm! It’s On! Loud!
Oatmeal! Burning!

Morning, Part Three.
By you-know-who.

SOMEONE is hiding in the bathroom. Is this a good idea? Yes?
Frenzied hands scrabble underneath the door. They want breakfast.
Oatmeal! Down garbage disposal!
We shall have Lucky Charms instead.


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