I know a certain dog and cat who are on my poop list

Hey! Harley!
No, don’t give me that puppy look with those big brown eyes. I’m mad at you. Yes, I AM. Why did you wake me up at 2 AM to go to the potty, when I took you out at 11 PM to go and you wouldn’t go? Why 2 AM? I am mad at you. No, don’t snuggle with me. Don’t rub your head on my leg and give me sweet little looks. It’s not working.

And YOU! Cat!


What’s with the puking on the floor this morning? Why did you have to do that? No, don’t come over here and purr at me. Don’t do that. No, I do NOT want you on my lap licking my hand. I am very angry with you both. You bad widdle sweethearts you.


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