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Twitter is increasing my productivity

January 31, 2008

If you don’t already know, Twitter (see my profile here) is a fun little mini-blogging application that many people use as a virtual watercooler on the Web. I love it because if I’m trying to put something off, why, I just head on over to Twitter to see what people are talking about and before you know it, I’m deep into another rabbit trail. So, obviously, Twitter is NOT good for me, well, for the most part.

Until the last week, when THIS is pretty much what I get everytime I try to log in:


So, even though I miss you dear Twitter, I do appreciate that you are helping me get more work done today. In fact, I just spent 45 minutes cleaning my house be-bopping around to Daft Punk – what do you think of THAT!


Why Henry should not get a credit card anytime soon

January 30, 2008

(watching TV for a few minutes last night while waiting to tape “American Idol” on our VCR (yes, we still have a VCR, we are not a Tivo family (yet)) (and can you believe how many parentheses are being used right here (seriously??!?))

So a commercial comes on about term life insurance and Henry turns to Dad and says “WE NEED TO BUY THAT. YOU NEED TO CALL RIGHT NOW.”

Dad: “Do you know what life insurance is?”


A few minutes pass. Another commercial comes on for some kind of cleaning product.

Henry: “I think that we need to buy that. Let’s buy that. Come on. Let’s buy that.”

(TV goes off, Henry starts applying for various credit cards online, he becomes a QVC addict, we declare bankruptcy, he flies to Vegas and becomes a card shark in order to pay his debts, decides to become one of those people who wears gold medallions and pointy shoes. (None of that really happened, but I needed another excuse to use parentheses.))


January 29, 2008

*The whole showering process: getting clothes to wear, showering, getting dressed, etc. – is very tedious to me. That doesn’t mean I’m dirty, it just means I find it very boring.

*My jammies last night were made of some deceptive kind of fabric that felt really good but held in heat weirdly, so I kept waking up.

*I like mint in my coffee.

*My cat is a raging biyatch this morning.

*I like listening to Hype Machine because it makes me feel hip and happening.

*I’m thinking about summer this morning as I look outside and see how dreary it is.

*I’m slowly getting myself ready for a big workout in which I will run on the treadmill and watch Sex and the City.

*I worked about 14 hours yesterday.

*It’s trying to snow outside.

*I’m almost done crocheting a shawl for my seven year old. I’ll post pics here when I’m done.

Children with special needs are difficult.

January 27, 2008

So we have a child, Henry, who is 10 years old and has a genetic disorder called 22q deletion syndrome, which basically means he’s missing a vital part of his DNA. It also means that sometimes? HE IS A GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS.

Case in point: this morning, in obedience to his dr’s orders of getting at least 8K steps on his pedometer a day (he’s a little chunky), D tried to take him on a walk. I couldn’t go because Emma is sick and wants Mommy. So what did Henry do? Well, he threw the fit to end all fits, and all our neighbors probably are calling CPS like right this second.

See? That’s the unseen quirk of kids with special needs – sometimes, you just want to pinch their little heads. If he wasn’t such a godforsaken cutie pie, he would have SUCH a head pinching today.