Children with special needs are difficult.

So we have a child, Henry, who is 10 years old and has a genetic disorder called 22q deletion syndrome, which basically means he’s missing a vital part of his DNA. It also means that sometimes? HE IS A GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS.

Case in point: this morning, in obedience to his dr’s orders of getting at least 8K steps on his pedometer a day (he’s a little chunky), D tried to take him on a walk. I couldn’t go because Emma is sick and wants Mommy. So what did Henry do? Well, he threw the fit to end all fits, and all our neighbors probably are calling CPS like right this second.

See? That’s the unseen quirk of kids with special needs – sometimes, you just want to pinch their little heads. If he wasn’t such a godforsaken cutie pie, he would have SUCH a head pinching today.


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