*The whole showering process: getting clothes to wear, showering, getting dressed, etc. – is very tedious to me. That doesn’t mean I’m dirty, it just means I find it very boring.

*My jammies last night were made of some deceptive kind of fabric that felt really good but held in heat weirdly, so I kept waking up.

*I like mint in my coffee.

*My cat is a raging biyatch this morning.

*I like listening to Hype Machine because it makes me feel hip and happening.

*I’m thinking about summer this morning as I look outside and see how dreary it is.

*I’m slowly getting myself ready for a big workout in which I will run on the treadmill and watch Sex and the City.

*I worked about 14 hours yesterday.

*It’s trying to snow outside.

*I’m almost done crocheting a shawl for my seven year old. I’ll post pics here when I’m done.



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