Why Henry should not get a credit card anytime soon

(watching TV for a few minutes last night while waiting to tape “American Idol” on our VCR (yes, we still have a VCR, we are not a Tivo family (yet)) (and can you believe how many parentheses are being used right here (seriously??!?))

So a commercial comes on about term life insurance and Henry turns to Dad and says “WE NEED TO BUY THAT. YOU NEED TO CALL RIGHT NOW.”

Dad: “Do you know what life insurance is?”


A few minutes pass. Another commercial comes on for some kind of cleaning product.

Henry: “I think that we need to buy that. Let’s buy that. Come on. Let’s buy that.”

(TV goes off, Henry starts applying for various credit cards online, he becomes a QVC addict, we declare bankruptcy, he flies to Vegas and becomes a card shark in order to pay his debts, decides to become one of those people who wears gold medallions and pointy shoes. (None of that really happened, but I needed another excuse to use parentheses.))


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