Why having your husband working from home is a bad idea.

1) Work seems to take a second place to eBay, organizing the garage, staring blankly into space, watching Robot Chicken, etc.

2) You get groped. All. The. Time.

3) You might be working yourself, but hey! We’re home! Alone! Let’s PARTY!

4) Emergencies, such as “somebody gave me a bad feedback on eBay!”, take way too much energy for me to be interested in, yet he can stay up till 2 AM “resolving” them. Why the hell not, right? HE’S GOT NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

5) You have to listen to his whining about how one idea or the other is bound to work out, if you only give him time. Well, how much time are we talking about? Because it’s only been, oh, I don’t know, eight months now that you’ve been at home.


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