I am determined to have a good day today

Even though my husband, who is normally Mr. Positive, seems to have entered in the Asshat of the Year contest.

Even though my house is embarrassingly dirty.

Even though the new dog shat all over Asshat of the Year’s car (which kind of explains the asshattery).

Even though I’m still shivering from my hour long walk in the pouring rain this morning.

Know why? Here’s why:

I am listening to great music courtesy of Last.FM; lots of Sarah MacLachlan, Indigo Girls, Fiona Apple, etc.

I’ve got a cat on me. Cozy!

It’s peaceful and quiet.

I’m blessed with a wonderful family.

I saw a rabbit this morning.

Overall, I’m hopeful, happy, and hip to be square. Yay for alliteration!


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