Where I find God.

I find God in the surprised smiles of my children getting Easter baskets in front of their doors at 7 AM.

I find God in the purring of my cat at night as he nuzzles into my legs.

I find God in the tulips that are opening on my front lawn.

I find God in a good book that makes me cry.

I find God in good Irish music on the stereo – LOUD.

But…..I DON’T find God in:

Loud church services that leave no room for contemplation.


Ritual for the sake of ritual.



Where do you find God – or where do you NOT find God?


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4 Responses to “Where I find God.”

  1. Recovering Straight Girl Says:

    I find God at tea parties and nail salons.

  2. momspeaks Says:

    Amen sistah!!!! Also:

    sweet 13 year olds playing the piano and having such great opinions

    new friends

    cute little dogs that will most likely be plopped into my purse the next time I go to RSG’s house and smuggled out


  3. Lelo Says:

    I find god in talent that’s so incredible…people who can sing or create or even play the piano without music: I swear, some of those American Idol contestants, I cry when they’re so good. That little David Archuletta? He’s got god in him.

    Big stuff. I like to talk about big, heady stuff. Brang it!

  4. (another) Wendy Says:

    That is just beautiful! I love that! Those all resonate with me!
    (I found you while at RSG’s blog, and you had the same name… so I had to click!)
    I also find God in the newly arriving spring flowers, the joy of children at the little gifts I give them, in my son’s HUG, in the amazing strength of a woman I met with yesterday grieving the death of her 20 year old son… and in amazing music.

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