Guess what happens when you say “I haven’t gotten sick yet this year!”

That’s right! YOU GET SICK.

Although I haven’t gotten it as bad as Henry, who after a full week of coughing up a lung is STILL sounding like a 3 pack a day smoker, and is probably going to have to visit the doctor, who will tell me that it’s a virus and he can’t have anything, so I will continue to dose him up with children’s Robitussin, which doesn’t work, except to make him drowsy. And at this point, I’ll take drowsy.

One thing though, that I’m wrestling with, and I’m sure you moms can help me out with this. If your kid is hacking up some serious lung butter, but doesn’t have any other symptoms (other than a stuffy nose), do you send him or her to school? He’s fine except he coughs CONSTANTLY. I would personally be ticked if a parent sent their kid to school sounding like this, but it’s a fine line. What do you think?


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