Random thoughts

– Boys with horrible hacky coughs and fever STILL can play five hours straight of Paper Mario.
– My yard is currently being destroyed by husband and two friends. It will look very nice when it’s all done, but now, it’s a giant dirt pile with my poor uprooted plants all toes up. I can almost hear them screaming. Well, not really, that would be creepy.
– I can’t wait to get another mani/pedi, and in fact, I’m kind of chipping my nails ON PURPOSE to speed up this event.
– I’m concerned about some of my work projects.
– My house is messy.
– So is my car.
– My car is being blocked by aforementioned two friends’ big honkin’ white truck.
– I need my car to go pick up kids at school.
– I probably should brush my teeth before I do this.
– Would gum be okay as a substitute?


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