Today in the Northwest, a large orange ball was sighted in the sky. Since it gave off heat, many NW citizens were seen outside doing various outdoorsy things, such as:

Building a rock wall.

Going to a baseball game.

Typing on their laptop, which unfortunately is freaking impossible to see in the sunlight.

Also, there was much basking, a little bit of sunning, and a good dollop of your basic lazing about. Unfortunately, our Mr. Henry is still feverish with cough so he was not able to enjoy it as much as he could’ve, but STILL. Any day with sunshine is a good day.


2 Responses to “Sunshine!”

  1. Recovering Straight Girl Says:

    The sun was so nice today, so, so nice! I can’t wait for tomorrow–even nicer.

  2. momspeaks Says:

    Hey! I’m BURNT!!!!!!!!! Did you and HG do anything special to celebrate the sunshine?

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