My goodness, it's snowing in April!

It is April 19.

And as I write this, IT IS SNOWING.

We went for a nice long walk this morning and of course Henry completely went nuts. We’re so used to his…..stuff…..that we don’t even give it a second thought, it’s normal for us. But I noticed other people looking. Oh, well.

Last night was a baseball scrimmage, and one of James’ teammates has an older brother who is mentally handicapped. It has been very, very interesting to me to watch this boy, see how other people react to him, how his peers interact with him, parents, etc. because it gives me a new perspective on how Henry is viewed. It’s been a very educational experience, in that I’ve been able to get a non-Mom (well, kind of) look at a child with special needs and how they interact with the community. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, it’s snowing!


2 Responses to “My goodness, it's snowing in April!”

  1. Recovering Straight Girl Says:

    Yeah. The world is coming to an end.

  2. Recovering Straight Girl Says:

    Let’s blame it on the Homo-Sex-U-Als.

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