Embarrassing confessions of a soccer mom

Okay. Here it is. Emma is in her third season of soccer this spring, and is doing quite well. She loves the game and is actually getting pretty dang good!

However, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m turning into one of those crazy, rabid parents that we all vowed we would NEVER emulate. You know what I’m talking about: they yell at the kids to SET IT UP! SET IT UP! and they yell at the ref to GET OUT OF THE WAY! and YOU’RE KIDDING ME! and so on. Last night, I found myself doing this and more; and it was almost like I could see myself doing it yet was powerless to stop. And let’s be totally honest: I didn’t really want to stop. I mean, come on – how many times as a mom do you really get to scream at your kids with little or no guilt attached? Yeah. You’re feeling me now, aren’t you?


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