What do you say?

We’ve had Madison now for about a week, and after a long day of playing today (along with bickering with cousin Emma – argh), this is what I hear when I put them down for bed:

“I miss my Mom.”

She cried for about five minutes, deep sobs that you don’t normally hear from little seven year old girls. This isn’t just homesickness; Maddy’s mom is in rehab for drugs (meth, pot, you name it), just tested positive for Hep. C, and has a few felonies she’s going to have to deal with. She hasn’t had Madison for years, sees her very rarely, and there is little chance that she’s ever going to be a full-time mom to Madison.

Yet she misses her. What do you do? What do you say?

I know all I could do was cry right along with her, rub her back, and whisper “it’s okay. it’s okay.”


2 Responses to “What do you say?”

  1. Lelo Says:

    You realize the mother she misses is the mother she sees in you and your relationship with Emma. Sigh. Madison is going to have a whole new life now; good for you, good for her! Hugs.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Oh, Lelo – you are so kind. Thank you. :>)

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