What it means to have a child with special needs

Not sure, exactly, how I found this….all that woozy late night Googling has finally caught up to me, I think. However, this list really resonated with me, especially since I found myself nodding to most of the entries on this list.

In our house, I would also add:

Afraid to try the simplest tasks because he usually fails.
Wary of other children not because they make fun of him, but because he simply does not understand how to relate to them.
Instead of planning our retirement with just the two of us, we make plans for just the three of us.

I hope I don’t come across whiny here, because believe me, I can be whiny but GOOD, and I didn’t mean to be whiny. Henry is our sweetheart, but dang, the kid is hard. HARDDDDDD. Just this week, in fact, we’ve had more meltdowns and tantrums than I can count; we even had to practically tackle him in one of his fits in order to keep him from running out into the street. Good times.

It’s difficult to explain to people who don’t know Henry – heck, even people who DO know Henry – that this is just part of his “thing”. Geez, my own mom prefers not to be around him because he gets messy (my word that conveniently encompasses pretty much everything he does). We get no respite care because we don’t live anywhere near any relatives, so stress? Yeah, I know something about stress. Stress has made me its bitch this week.

One day at a time, is what I keep telling myself, and maybe one of these days that Hallmark cliche might actually KICK IN.


One Response to “What it means to have a child with special needs”

  1. Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle Says:

    So glad you found it – I am part of 5MFSN and it is so good to meet you and Henry!

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