They should totally put this in the flyer

So! One thing that they don’t tell you when your child is diagnosed as “special needs” is that there are some things that other kids – normal kids – will do, that your kid will NOT do. Obviously. But some of these things include some stuff that makes you want to throttle your kid. Therapeutically, of course. These activities include:

– Going down the big bouncy slide filled with water in your back yard that is basically made of awesome, yet is feared beyond all reason because it “makes me pee in the middle of the night.” What. The. Frickity. Frack.

– Going to the park because you have to walk up a hill, so you scream like you are William Wallace being disembowled in “Braveheart”.

– Eating something like pork loin and salad because it’s not made of solid sugar and SWEET BABY JEBUS we’ve got to alert the authorities, because obviously, that counts for abuse.

Little things like that. That’s why, when I see moms frazzled with their busy ten year old boys who are darting all over the place like squirrels on crack, I am actually ENVIOUS. Everyone has their own issues, of course, but I would love to see Henry run around and play and not scream about pine needles or the air being too air-y or some such other nonsencial thing that makes sense only to him and drives me to CrazyTown.


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