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I can still smell it

September 15, 2008

There’s something about the smell of a kid’s head, isn’t there?

All three of my kids have the same distinctive smell to their heads that they did when they were babies. I caught it on Emma and Henry’s heads today, and it sure sent me back: long nights nursing for hours watching old mysteries on PBS (both of these kiddos were avid nursers)….a squeaky clean baby all snuggled up in a warm towel after a bath in the sink….the sweet weight of a sleeping child on your shoulder.

I so enjoyed those times. One of the things I devoutly hope is waiting for me in heaven is a memory machine (for lack of a better term), so I can go back and relive all the tender moments that I would so love to experience just one more time. Like……

– walking hand in hand with my grandpa
– the first few weeks of all three of my children
– watching my toddlers do their toddler thing

And on, and on. I remember when these were actually happening thinking to myself “I’ve got to remember this! I’ve got to!” and for the most part, I have, but it’s the actual visceral, physical part of these memories that I would so love to experience again. Just one more time.



September 8, 2008

While playing a little game of “I Spy”:

Dean: Okay, so I’m thinking of something in this room……

Emma: Is it Mommy’s hot bottom?

Dean and Wendy: choked, embarrassed laughter


September 2, 2008

Classic AOTC poster 2Image by Doc_Brown via Flickr Well, we had a fantastic, FANTASTIC five days at the beach. I can’t even tell you how much I needed that vacation. I took hundreds of pictures and we made memories that will last a lifetime.

Got back today, with a leisurely afternoon of Star Wars watching planned (we do that when we get back home early during the day from a long break). As we were finishing up Attack of the Clones around 9 PM, I suddenly had a prickly feeling like “did I forget something?”

Lo and behold, I had forgotten just a teensy little detail. I had misread both today’s date AND the first day of school, and guess what? All those times I had told the kinder that they were starting school on Wednesday? Well, not so much. They’re starting school TOMORROW.

They weren’t too happy (understandably) at first, but they quickly came around to it, and were actually flipping out excited within about five minutes, THANK YOU GOD. So school supplies, lunches, snacks, and cute outfits are all ready.

I think we’re good. Even with a severe calendar malfunction.

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