I can still smell it

There’s something about the smell of a kid’s head, isn’t there?

All three of my kids have the same distinctive smell to their heads that they did when they were babies. I caught it on Emma and Henry’s heads today, and it sure sent me back: long nights nursing for hours watching old mysteries on PBS (both of these kiddos were avid nursers)….a squeaky clean baby all snuggled up in a warm towel after a bath in the sink….the sweet weight of a sleeping child on your shoulder.

I so enjoyed those times. One of the things I devoutly hope is waiting for me in heaven is a memory machine (for lack of a better term), so I can go back and relive all the tender moments that I would so love to experience just one more time. Like……

– walking hand in hand with my grandpa
– the first few weeks of all three of my children
– watching my toddlers do their toddler thing

And on, and on. I remember when these were actually happening thinking to myself “I’ve got to remember this! I’ve got to!” and for the most part, I have, but it’s the actual visceral, physical part of these memories that I would so love to experience again. Just one more time.


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