A free printer? Yes, please!

Wendy Piersall of SparkPlugging is holding a fun contest to Win a Whole New Brand & an Epson WorkForce 600 to Print New Marketing Materials! And here’s what I gotta do to win:

Write a blog post sharing the best marketing advice you received when you were new to starting a business.

Hmm. Well. Hmmm (scratching her head). I never really got any marketing advice, I just kind of jumped into this whole “my own business” thing, to tell you the truth. I can sure come up with some stuff I wish I had been told, though:

  • Don’t get stuck in a rut. Yes, you need to pay the bills, but always keep that little seed of what you really, REALLY want to do with your business in the back of your mind, and as soon as you possibly can, DO IT.
  • Find undiscovered places. Seek out the niche, the corners, and the stuff that hasn’t been found yet, and find ways to get them in the spotlight.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. There are plenty of people out there who really do enjoy helping others – it’s not always easy to find them, but TRY.

Thanks to Wendy Piersall for sponsoring this great contest, and good luck to all the entrants!


One Response to “A free printer? Yes, please!”

  1. Amber Says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I dont see a way to contact you so i’m leaving you a comment to find out whether or not we can reprint this post in our free sparkplugging e-book. You will get 100% credit (and of course two entries in the contest for writing a post!)

    Email me back at amber@sparkplugging.com. Thanks!

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