When did getting drunk start becoming acceptable?

Warning: Super fuddy duddy-ish post coming your way.

I’m noticing an odd trend in many of the blogs I read, some of which are parenting blogs. It’s become de rigeur to talk about getting drunk and taking care of your kids, or talk about polishing off bottles of wine, or what have you. Examples: Sweetney, Dooce, CoolMom, MightyGirl, etc. For instance, here’s an entry from Sweetney this morning:

And I’m working on it, and in fact intended to finish and post it today, but that was before I spent last night at the bottom of a wine bottle — wait, make that TWO wine bottles (shut up, I had company!) — and upon attempting the typing with the words forming thoughts and ideas this morning, found that mah brains no worky gudd.

I realize that I’ve probably missed out on something alarmingly cool and hip, but I don’t find it funny when people joke about getting drunk like it’s socially acceptable to swallow back a barrel of booze as a way to deal with children and stress. Sure, it’s MEANT to be funny, but seriously, being around drunk people is boring UNLESS you’re drunk too, which, for me is physically unattainable since I can’t stand the taste of pretty much anything with alcohol it it.

Gah. I guess this is just one more example of why I’m not in the Cool Kids Club.


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