I'll have a hard time hiding this one

R2-D2 model
Image by ewen and donabel via Flickr

My husband is a huge Star Wars geek. Huge. Like, he has action figures all over this desk, posters carefully placed in giant cardboard tubes, and at least ten Christmas ornaments that are currently on the tree (including one of Princess Leia in her Jabba the Hutt bikini. Huh.). So I knew this Christmas I wanted to get him something to add to his collection, something that he would totally go nuts over. So I hit Craigslist, and lo and behold, I found a walking, talking R2-D2 that is brand new in the box, only been used a couple of times, for $40. It originally sold for almost $200 last year, so I feel pretty proud of myself for being so cheap finding such a bargain.

So I had to be quite the sneaky girl yesterday in order to actually obtain this item. Since Dean and I both work from home, I made up a library errand (the gig was almost up when he decided he was going to go with me, but I gave him the slip) but I actually went to the Starbucks parking lot and met the nice lady who sold me this fun toy. It’s HUGE. I had to hide it in my closet underneath all my jammies; hopefully nobody will look there. Craigslist is awesome!

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