Brothers and sistahs

Hahaha! You know what’s fun? Listening to your three kids go at it like cats and dogs for an hour as they get ready for school. Who needs a vacation when you can go to the Happiest Place on Earth RIGHT HERE AT YOUR HOUSE.

Henry kicked off the morning by telling his sister that Bob the Builder was for babies (it is, but that’s besides the point), and then pinched her but good. She flounced off crying (fake crying) and then proceeded to scream in the bathroom intermittently for about five minutes. A good mother would have jumped up and checked this out but I was busy drinking my coffee and ignoring everyone. Then Henry decided to do his normal strip routine for twenty minutes with an extra added twist: waving his underpants in everyone’s faces. After all of this mess, we finally got them off to school, and now I’m sitting here like a zombie messing with my blog.


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