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100 things I want to do before I go toes up.

March 25, 2008


22. Get a tattoo.
23. Go to Thailand.
24. Watch the whales jumping or whatever it is they do so people can see them.
25. Stay in the Sleeping Beauty suite at Disneyland.
26. Get involved in helping other women with special needs kids.
27. Volunteer at a hospital; preferably in the NICU.
28. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
29. Visit Ground Zero in NYC.
30. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
31. Spoil my grandchildren.


100 things I want to do before I go toes up

March 15, 2008


11) Learn how to quilt really, really well.
12) Paint portraits of my children in watercolor.
13) Ride the Orient Express.
14) See a Broadway play.
15) Drive a race car.
16) Hang out with Angelina Jolie.
17) Go on the California Screamin’ ride at Disneyland.
18) Knit a sweater.
19) Own my own couture baby store.
20) Go to SXSW.
21) Own a cottage in Cannon Beach.

100 things I want to do before I go toes up

March 14, 2008

Props to Mighty Girl for coming up with this. Here’s mine, 1-10.

1) Lose 100 pounds.
2) Run a marathon.
3) Adopt a baby. Or two.
4) Write another book.
5) Live in Paris.
6) Live in Mexico.
7) Conquer my fear of flying.
8) Go on a solitary retreat.
9) Tell my dad I forgive him.
10) Own a horse(s).