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Blogs I love to read (or not)

January 5, 2007

I thought I’d do a quick roundup of a few blogs I love to read here!

  • Solomother: Everytime I read this, I’m laughing and almost crying at the same time. It’s a ripping good read, to quote my British friends. I’m not a single mother, but I have (sadly) two sweet friends who became single moms this year, each to three kids. My dear friend Rose became a single mother to FIVE children. Oy!
  • Recovering Straight Girl: You know those writers that pull you in, and you can’t wait to see what they have to say next? RSG is one of those people. I’m really hoping that she will write a book, actually.
  • Maryamie: One of those blogs where you wished you knew the person in real life. Meanwhile, you just read and enjoy.
  • Dooce: I don’t think there’s ever been a day where I come away not laughing, crying, or a combo of both from this blog.

Now, there’s a lot more blogs I love to read, but I’ve got to go do some work. One blog that I WISH I could read, but I just can’t get into, is I know, I know – it’s so good for me, he writes on such healthy stuff, but every post is like a blogosphere manifesto. I just can’t do it! Kind of like knowing you should eat those lima beans, but you scootch ’em to the dog under the table instead. Sigh.