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September 8, 2008

While playing a little game of “I Spy”:

Dean: Okay, so I’m thinking of something in this room……

Emma: Is it Mommy’s hot bottom?

Dean and Wendy: choked, embarrassed laughter



September 2, 2008

Classic AOTC poster 2Image by Doc_Brown via Flickr Well, we had a fantastic, FANTASTIC five days at the beach. I can’t even tell you how much I needed that vacation. I took hundreds of pictures and we made memories that will last a lifetime.

Got back today, with a leisurely afternoon of Star Wars watching planned (we do that when we get back home early during the day from a long break). As we were finishing up Attack of the Clones around 9 PM, I suddenly had a prickly feeling like “did I forget something?”

Lo and behold, I had forgotten just a teensy little detail. I had misread both today’s date AND the first day of school, and guess what? All those times I had told the kinder that they were starting school on Wednesday? Well, not so much. They’re starting school TOMORROW.

They weren’t too happy (understandably) at first, but they quickly came around to it, and were actually flipping out excited within about five minutes, THANK YOU GOD. So school supplies, lunches, snacks, and cute outfits are all ready.

I think we’re good. Even with a severe calendar malfunction.

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Kids say the darndest things

August 19, 2008

Henry on watching Spiderman (for the first time!) and seeing the kissing scene: “Oh, GOOD GRIEF.”

Emma: “Mommy, did you know that when Daddy kisses you his tongue goes in your mouth?”

James: “Did you know that the XBox is only $189 at GameStop?”

(That last one isn’t so funny.)

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Embarrassing confessions of a soccer mom

May 8, 2008

Okay. Here it is. Emma is in her third season of soccer this spring, and is doing quite well. She loves the game and is actually getting pretty dang good!

However, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m turning into one of those crazy, rabid parents that we all vowed we would NEVER emulate. You know what I’m talking about: they yell at the kids to SET IT UP! SET IT UP! and they yell at the ref to GET OUT OF THE WAY! and YOU’RE KIDDING ME! and so on. Last night, I found myself doing this and more; and it was almost like I could see myself doing it yet was powerless to stop. And let’s be totally honest: I didn’t really want to stop. I mean, come on – how many times as a mom do you really get to scream at your kids with little or no guilt attached? Yeah. You’re feeling me now, aren’t you?

Introducing kids to your favorite books is awesome.

February 13, 2008

Lately Emma has been going CRAZY on what we call “chapter books” in our house; in other words, they’re not picture books, and require actual reading. I have always been a huge bookworm and remember the highlight of my week was the visit to the library where I would emerge hours later, slightly dazed, with a big stack of books in my arms that would promptly be devoured. Reading was my escape, my guilty pleasure, my habit, and I’m so thrilled that Emma is following in my footsteps. You know, instead of the OTHER tradition I could’ve passed down, like forgetting to shave my legs. Or something.

ANYWAY, here are a few of the books we’ve rediscovered lately:

The Wizard of Oz: She read this in one big delicious gulp, and now we’re looking for all the other Oz tales, of which there are many. I particularly remember one princess that had a dozen heads that she could switch around, depending on her mood. This is both useful and gruesome.

The Pippi Longstocking series: Mostly I like Pippi because she’s got red hair, and I have red hair. That’s where the similarity ends, but I remember reading these books and wishing that Pippi lived next to me so we could sail to the South Seas and get into trouble together.

That’s just this week. Next week, I plan on introducing her to The Little Princess, one of my favorite kids’ books of all time, and the Anne of Green Gables series, which I like to read again about every couple years or so. I can’t hardly watch the movies because the whole Matthew dying thing can send me into a tailspin, it’s the first really sad scene I ever watched in a movie. I just love that she’s enjoying these books, it’s super fun to watch her love them the way I loved them.

You can just take that with you, dear

January 20, 2007

Emma: I’m going to take George (orange cat) with me when I go to college (she’s currently 6).

Daddy: Well, he’ll probably be dead by then.

Mommy: (shushing Daddy) Ixnay on the ieday, Daddy! Crap!

Daddy: Well, then she’ll just be taking a dried up corpse with her (whispering).

Mommy: (whispering) She has no sense of time, dumbass!

Emma: I’m going to give George a checkup. Sit down! SIT DOWN! Just relax. ReLAXXXXX. Come on. Come ON!

Sleeping kids are my weakness.

December 20, 2006

Last night, I was on the computer downstairs for a quick minute to get some work done…oh, who am I kidding. I was breathlessly reading various gossip blogs. Anyway, Emma comes down in her Little Mermaid nightie, hair damp from her bath, and lies down on the couch with a book (Dick and Jane Go To School). Two seconds later, she tells me she’s going to “rest her eyes” and she’s instantly out. Conked out completely.

Then I go upstairs, and the old Henry bear is snoring in Momma’s big chair. Two down, one to go.

I love sleeping kids.

Today was a hard day.

September 8, 2006

This was the first week of school in my neck of the woods, and while my oldest has adjusted fantastically to middle school (I KNOW! Amazing!), my two little ones are having a hell of a time.

Emma misses me. She misses her mommy. And I miss her. She misses her best friend, big brother Henry, who depends on her to navigate for him since he doesen’t understand a lot of what is going on around him. And while school was really fun at first, she’s beginning to let me know that it’s just one long day without Mommy and that’s not fun anymore.

This morning, Henry had the Meltdown of All Meltdowns. He *thought* he was going to get to do computers today, but when his teacher told him they didn’t have computers until NEXT week, he just matter of factly picked up his stuff and said “well, then I’m not coming to class” and started walking out to the parking lot. Seriously!

Then the fit started when I told him he’d have to go back to class. Three hours later, after about 10 different education professionals got ahold of him, he finally went back to class.

Here’s where my brain is at right now:

We’re (probably) moving in the next three months. We want to get out of where we live and get back to our friends and family.

We are thinking about homeschooling all three since we both would be home. GASP! I know. I’m scared. But I figure we’ll try it for a year and see what happens. We can’t kill them in a year, right? Right?

I’m tired of Henry having such a hard time, being so far behind, being labeled “special needs.” It breaks my heart. He’s a smart kid but he’s been in school for so long that I don’t know what his potential is anymore! I really don’t! And that scares the shit out of me. He hates to learn and he’s only 8 years old. Can he be rescued from that?

Emma just wants to be with Mommy and brother, how can I look in her big blue eyes and say, “no, you can’t.”

James just wants to be home to learn, to teach himself geology (yep) and write a novel.

I think it’s going to happen. I’m scared. But I can’t put up with this much longer.

Talkie-Walkies and Underpants

July 31, 2006

Did you know that Strawberry Shortcake underpants make GREAT holders for Talkie-Walkies?

Just sayin’.

Why can’t I marry my brother?

March 22, 2006

conversation in the car on the way to kindergarten this morning:

“Mommy, when I get married and have my kids and my doggie I want to live next to you and Daddy so we can go on walks all the time. And we can have snacks.”

“That sounds great, Honey. I would love that.”

“I think I’m going to marry Henry.”

“Well, you can’t marry your brother, sweetie.”

“Why not?”

brief pause while I try to figure out what to say here

“Look Mommy! There’s a squirrel on the power line!”